Asphalt Parking Lot Paving, Sealcoating and Repair Services in Taylorsville

Looking for help with asphalt parking lot or driveway paving or sealcoating?

Perhaps pavement resurfacing or pothole repair is more of what you’re looking for?

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    Residential and Commercial Paving in Taylorsville

    Our company provides a wide variety of different asphalt services in Taylorsville and surrounding areas ranging from pothole repairs and resurfacing to parking lot repavement and sealcoating. We specialize in removal and replacement of asphalt no matter the square footage, and look forward to pricing your project.

    Residential Asphalt

    Most of our residential work consists of asphalt driveways, smaller parking areas, roadways and sometimes even sidewalks. Many homeowners prefer asphalt vs concrete due to the low price of asphalt installation and the simplicity of repairs which have to be made. Often times it’s also because the homeowners prefer to do the pavement maintenance (which is usually crack sealing and roll-on sealcoat application) on their own.

    Commercial Asphalt

    Most of our commercial customers are either business owners with a building or a unit that’s attached to a parking lot or managers of buildings, warehouses or shopping centers where customers and employees use parking spaces. There are multiple reasons why parking lots need to be maintained, some of the more obvious are curb appeal and liability reasons, but sometimes it’s simply a city requirement or work is needed due to utility and construction work.

    Taylorsville Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Services

    Some of the work we do is strictly for parking lots, other projects are road and highway paving and striping, but we also do many other things. Check out some of those below.

    Asphalt Paving

    Our paving services are generally for new pavement construction, removal and replacement due to age and cracking or some other reason. Paving is basically a new asphalt installation process, where we lay down a layer of blacktop and make sure it’s level. Once it’s ready for use, we do anything else like line painting for parking lots and roads or adding signs and markings like handicapped spaces.

    Asphalt Resurfacing

    Resurfacing which is also an asphalt overlay process, applies to existing paved surfaces which developed serious issues (like dips and unevenness) over time. These are most commonly caused by simple aging, lack of proper maintenance or used of chemicals which speed up deterioration. Resurfacing is basically a way to restore a parking lot or similar surface to it’s original leveling and look.

    Parking Lot Repair

    Very common calls we receive are for parking lot repairs, which sometimes turn into resurfacing projects or can be as simple as a pothole repair. Repairs are often needed for damaged areas, due drainage problems and many other reasons. Often times the issues are cause by poor foundation, which would have been set during initial installation of the surface. Bottom line is that problematic areas develop over time and the sooner they are fixed, the better.


    parking lot resurfacing

    Parking Lot Maintenance

    Maintenance is a big deal and is often overlooked due to budgetary reasons. Some folks choose to save a dollar now, and pay heavily in the long run. We highly recommend that new parking lot owners learn about pavement maintenance requirements and do regular maintenance to their parking lots. It’s important to do the upkeep now, to not have to pay a lot of money later for an asphalt replacement. As with anything, proper maintenance is much cheaper than complete tear out and replacement.


    Sealcoat application is a big part of pavement maintenance and has to do with applying sealant to the pavement surface to avoid deterioration over time. Blacktop will last much longer if it’s being seal coated at regular intervals and is being done properly. It’s somewhat similar to vehicle maintenance, if you start stretching it too far, the vehicle won’t last as long.

    Asphalt Driveway

    Most of the paved driveways are either made of asphalt or cement. Asphalt is less expensive for the homeowner, often times it even looks better and adds some contrast to the property. We pave all kinds of driveways, most of them are either straight and leading to the side of the house or circular which usually had a lot more parking space. Whichever driveway you have, we can help you get it paved or resurfaced.