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    A Bit About McLean, VA

    McLean is the home of many government officials, statesman, and other D.C. elected officials. This is largely in part because it is so close to Washington D.C. proper, and to the CIA headquarters. It had also been called “home” to Ethel Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s widow. They all need asphalt paving or sealcoating done to their driveways at their homes, don’t they?

    McLean is noted as being one of the MOST expensive districts around the Washington, D.C. area to shop. Tyson’s Corners Center and Tyson’s Corners Galleria are among the ritziest and most expensive areas, not only in the state of Virginia, but also in the entire country. If you can afford to shop and live here – you are doing well for yourself! McLean is also known for having a number of high profile businesses located in the city’s limits, as well. Capitol One, Mars, Booz Allen, Hilton Worldwide, Freddie Mac among many others have decided to make McLean their home for headquarters.

    The CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, considers this city to be home and is the epi-center for all things related to collection of overseas activities that happen on our soil and abroad. The CIA has 5 major priorities:  1) counterterrorism, 2) Diffuse countries from using nuclear weapons, 3) Keep American leaders abreast of all overseas events, 4) Counterintelligence, and probably most importantly in today’s world – 5) Cyber-crimes. Formed in the 40’s, it has evolved with the times and continued to be top notch in its collection to be ‘one step ahead’ of the competition, and moreover, our enemies.

    By keeping up with modern technological advances and learning to utilize the technology readily available at our enemies’ fingertips, we can better understand how to defeat them, when in emergent situations. It even has a motto: “The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence.” The CIA has no law enforcement jurisdiction and focuses its energies on the activities that occur overseas, therefore, limiting themselves to the amount of data collected within the continental United States. Employees of the CIA must undergo routine polygraph tests, to the tune of every 3 years, to ensure that they are still eligible for employment within the agency.

    If you have a family and are planning to visit the McLean area a great place to take them is Great Falls Park. It’s a small National Park in the state of Virginia and is situated on 800 acres of land. It rests along the Potomac River bank and it’s a great place to come and ‘disconnect’ from the world for a little while. The park has many viewing platforms and hiking trails. For the climbers in your family, you will be happy knowing there are designated climbing areas to explore, as well. There is also a large picnic area for families to come enjoy a nice packed lunch and take in the scenery. Unfortunately, camping is prohibited on the premises.

    Another family friendly spot is Clemyjontri Park. This park welcomes ALL children, regardless of their abilities. Wheelchair accessible, walker and brace friendly, and sensory development impairments are no match for this park, where every child can play and forget about their disability for awhile. All the equipment is up to safety standards and codes, the structures’ flooring is rubberized, and all the openings to the gyms are equipped with wider doorframes and lowered equipment. It also has a spacious carousel and pavilion for families to enjoy a lunch together. The park has plans for many upgrades to keep this place as family friendly as possible with something for everyone. Admission is free, the park is open every day and non-profit organizations can come as a group to reserve spaces fo their event.

    Scott’s Run Nature Reserve is another one of those hotspots for the hiking enthusiast. With trails all along its 384 acres, there are many trails that simply have not been explored. There is a designated 2.2- mile hike, which is recommended if you are not sure of the area, but the highly adventurous might go on their own excursion. If you follow the designated trail it takes you to the Burling House Ruins, where Edward Burling, who owned most of the land lived in his life